Stuffing Stockings with Cool SUP Accessories

Giving That Stand Up Paddle Boarder What They Really Want Christmas aside, gifts are our way of showing appreciation, love, and consideration of the other person’s needs. Gifts can be random, scheduled (birthdays and anniversaries), or obligatory (like Christmas). The choice is never easy. So today I thought I’d take a little bit of pressure […]

Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Helmets

Are SUP Helmets a Requirement? As sports like stand up paddle boarding become more mainstream, the number of people who approach the experience with little or no training is bound to increase as well. While the sport is not that difficult to pick-up, to SUP correctly and safely requires a little bit of forethought. So […]

When SUP Shines a Light

Illuminating Your Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure Emily Dickinson once said; “PHOSPHORESCENCE. Now there’s a word to lift your hat to…” Or, if she was familiar with the world of stand up paddle boarding, to illuminate your SUP. As fall approaches, the days get shorter while summer struggles to hang on with the sun lower […]

The Mule!

If you live close to water, love to paddle board, and if biking is your primary mode of transportation (either out of necessity or desire), then you should get a Mule! The Mule is a specially designed wheel set that allows you to transport your board with great ease. It attaches to the back end […]