Paddle Board Yoga – Get Your Zen On

A fun way to spend time on the water that’s really taking off.

I was thinking how far the paddleboard sport has come in just the past six to seven years. So many of us embrace the opportunity to get out on the water. The ability to detach, connect with nature while getting some exercise inspires people from everywhere to SUP (stand up paddle). Now, not only paddling is popular ~ for paddling’s sake ~ but so is SUP Yoga. This SUP Yoga phenomenon has taken off! If you like yoga, who wouldn’t love practicing yoga poses and flowing on a paddleboard while floating calmly on the water. Yes, I said “calmly!”

Flipping through some old photos dated in 2011, I stumbled across amusing shots of us attempting yoga on a paddleboard. We were visiting relatives in Nebraska, and my brother-in-law, Bobby, rocked a handstand (proof in the photo) earning serious applause from a dozen spectators at Holms Park. I remember having so much fun that day attempting all kinds of poses yet trying to remember to breathe and stay calm. Poses such as: downward-dog, side-crow, warrior I and II, etc. It was so peaceful floating on the water while adding an element of extra needed balance and core stability.

Today, there are SUP Yoga classes and programs to be enjoyed all over the United States. New and practiced yogis alike are finding their zen on the water. To try SUP Yoga, first find a calm body of water, bring along a stable board with long deck pad or build in yoga mat, center yourself and try some poses. Stand on Liquid offers the Ganesh, a yoga-specific board with built in yoga mat and paddle holder. There are also other great yoga board options from which to choose.

If you want to try a SUP Yoga class near you, or traveling to a new destination and wish to locate a class, check out for a directory of SUP Yoga classes.
It’s really fun and a great way to experience the health benefits of yoga and paddle boarding together. So give it a try and remember to breathe.


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