The Power of a Paddle…With Your Dog

Grab your furry friend and hit the water for a mind-shift in the right direction.

It was noon on a Wednesday, middle of a work-week and middle of the day. The sun was out but it wasn’t what you’d call “hot”. A balmy 53 to be exact. It would have been easy to just hit the gym for 30-minutes on the elliptical. Instead I decided to go for a paddle with my dog, Sierra, on my lunch hour.

Motivating myself, I first loaded up the board, paddle, pfd and dog pad (a.k.a. Mud Mat). Then loaded up a hopeful, excited pooch. Once pulling into the parking area by the river, and seeing the sun shining on the water, I was glad I made that choice! We first stepped into the water (burr from the snow melt) and quickly got to paddling. With only one other person on the river during the entire 45 minute paddle, the experience was so serene, peaceful and beautiful.

We can all get into our head, and have 1,000 things going on swirling through our brain. Taking the time to paddle, however, with Sierra allowed me to see the world without technology dinging and also through her eyes as she patiently watched ducks paddle by. The calming affect of the gently flowing river, rhythmic paddling, and turning around at gorgeous rapids area, made me so grateful for the bigger picture. It was all I needed to turn-around the day and recharge to be more productive and happy.

So if your energy is stuck, or you feel overwhelmed, or even bored…try a paddle with your dog. Great exercise, companionship and scenery.

-Jenny Mudd


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