SUP Board Storage Tips

Not everyone who purchases a stand up paddle board lives close enough to the water to use it regularly. Whether you live in a temperate, tropical or polar climate, you’ve got to store your board properly to ensure that it stays in tip-top condition and ready for your next SUP excursion. Whether you’re wanting to keep your board looking new in the off-season or are just doing everyday storage, follow these SUP storage tips to keep your SUP pristine and ready for action.

You love the way your board looks and it’s a struggle for you to close the garage door and turn off the light. Maybe it’s time to bring that baby in from the cold and display it on your living room wall! There are lots of display racks made just for SUPS and the boards themselves are so gorgeous they warrant being front and center. If you do go this route, make sure not to mount them near a heat source or, for the love of Pete, over the mantle of your fireplace.

A suspended storage rack in your garage or carport is a perfect way to store your board out of the way while also providing easy transfer from ceiling rack to the roof rack on your car. Whether you use it every day or need to store it for the season, the ceiling mounted rack is a great option. If you don’t like the look or idea of mounting a rack, you might prefer the strap storage method for keeping your SUP safe and sound. Most straps will be mounted to a wall or ceiling, and will hold your board out of the elements as well as any other method.

The most time-tested and popular way to protect your board is a board bag or cover. Not only can you safely store your bag during the off-season, but bags are made to protect your board on plane or road trips. Plus, they’re usually roomy enough to accommodate paddles, board shorts, flip-flops, etc. Make sure to get the correct size and shape for your board. Some board bags are cut for touring boards, others for all-around board shapes. Check out bags from both Pro-Lite and Stand on Liquid.

You may feel tempted to store your board in the plastic bubble wrap it came in. Don’t do it! Bubble wrap is often made of polyurethane resin and has a tendency to stick to surfaces (like an epoxy board) if stored for a long time. That “protective wrap” actually begins to warm the foam core of your board (think mini magnifying glasses), more or less cooking it.

Don’t let your SUP sit in the sun. Store your board in a cool shaded place, or covered with a board bag. Long exposure to direct sunlight and heat overtime can cause delimitation, which is when the outer skin separates from the EPS foam core.

Don’t store your board in the outside elements. Make sure to store your board in a cool, dry place inside. This will prevent UV fading and a longer life of your deck pad.

Follow these guidelines and you will enjoy your well-preserved SUP for years to come!


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