Cold Weather SUP Gear

Here in the Pacific Northwest we’re experiencing one heck of a winter. It’s easy to think SUP season is over, but then you would miss out on the beauty of paddling along snow-lined banks, seeing animal tracks and enjoying the silence that only snow can bring! Cumbersome gear is a thing of the past. Wet and dry suits are streamlined and made for movement. Neoprene gloves and booties keep your digits nice and toasty. Helmets and neoprene hoods keep your head warm while your mounted GoPro captures the amazing stillness of winter as you silently paddle through falling snowflakes. You can keep the fun times rolling year round with just a few tweaks to your summertime SUP routine.

1.  Cold feet are no joke, so as you roll up to your put in, throw down some insulation for your feet as you suit up. The Quiksilver Syncro 3mm Boots are the perfect tool to keep your toes warm. Keep skin exposure to a minimum. Neoprene booties are your new BFF.
2.  Staying warm before you get out on the water will ensure you stay warm while you’re out there. Keep your hat and gloves on until you’re ready to swap out for your helmet and neoprene gloves. If your fingers get cold before you’re out on the water, they’re likely to stay that way through your paddle so keep ’em warm!
3.  Make sure you fuel up before your paddle. An energy bar and a thermos of a warm non-alcoholic beverage is key. Toss an extra bar or two in your dry bag for on the water snacks. If you’re really feeling crazy, keep a thermos of hot soup in your car for when you get back. Who knew you were such a genius!?!
4.  Be prepared for submersion. Even if you don’t expect to go in, make sure you’re ready for it to avoid cold related injuries. A wet or dry suit are ideal. If you don’t have either of these, make sure you’re dressing in layers and have a full set of extra clothing with you in a dry bag. Your PFD will also help insulate you from the cold while you’re paddling. And bring that Hydroflask of warm goodness with you to enjoy out on the water.
5.  The days are shorter, so if you’re going for a paddle after work, make sure to bring a headlamp with you. If you really want to light up the dark, consider the ultra-fun Nocqua Adventure Lights 2000 System.
6.  Once you are done with your paddle, load your board on your Yakima SUP Pup before stripping off your wetsuit and get your car heater going. A lot of folks like to stand in a Rubbermaid tub while they take off their wet/drysuit and gear. This keeps your gear clean and you can just snap the top on and toss it in. It will keep your car clean and dry too.

Toss on your puffy, take a sip of something warm and pat yourself on the back for being hardcore. It will be worth it!


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