Paddle Board Review: The Chelan Air

While not technically new to the Stand on Liquid lineup, we’re really psyched about the 12’6” Chelan Air. Without a doubt, the improvements that were made to the 2015 model make it superior to its predecessor.

The first time that I took the Chealan Air for a paddle, I was looking for a couple of key features: stiffness and tracking. It exceeded my standards in both departments. The Chelan Air has the perfect amount of rocker. When I paddle hard the nose is engaged in the water to enhance the piercing attributes that a touring board should have. It also was quite stiff underfoot. I had it inflated to 17 psi and it didn’t give me that cheap air mattress feeling that other inflatables have given me in the past.

Other key features of the Chelan Air include: fresh new graphics; its easy-to-load coffin style bag; the high pressure Bravo hand pump; and the Blast three-piece fiberglass paddle that’s included at no additional charge.

I believe in this product and am excited to share it with the rest of the paddling community.

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