Getting Your SUP to the Water’s Edge

The Best in Stand Up Paddle Board Transport: The Mule

You may not have heard of the Mule Stand Up Paddle Transport System. You may be fortunate enough to live right on the water where paddle boarding can be a simple as dropping your SUP in and paddling away. But few of us do and some of the best paddling opportunities require you to carry your SUP some distance. Enter the Mule: The answer to the unwieldy task of getting your SUP to the water’s edge.

The Mule SUP Transport

The Mule SUP Transport allows you to take your stand up paddle board anywhere there is water.

Stand up paddle boards are long and wide. Length is tough enough to deal with moving your SUP from point A to B but the width, even with the built in handles many of the better boards come with, combined with an average weight of 30 pounds, make this task incredibly tiring. Even if you have a rack on your car and can get your board almost to the water’s edge, you will still have the daunting task of of getting to your launch point. The Mule will get you and your SUP there in style.

The Mule is incredibly adaptable and can be strapped to all sorts of vehicles. A loose strap-like handle will attach to almost anything: your bike seat, an ATV, a scooter or just about anything that has a wheel and someplace to latch it on to. (The manufacturer doesn’t necessarily advise taking this on the highway but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.)

You may only have a short distance to go or have your sights set on a backcountry lake, the Mule can get not only you there, it can also get your gear there as well. The lace netting at the front of the Mule will adjust to any nose style. There is a separate pouch for stuff like your leash and PFD. Once everything is in place, the essentials of good day or weekend on the water can be loaded on your board as platform.

The Mule can be stowed in a matter of minutes, neatly folding into a five pound bundle that can be taken with you or locked to the dock.

This is an almost elegant solution to carrying your board, and your gear to your favorite spot. Just consider the amount of energy you will have saved for the water. The Mule levels that trip for any size paddle boarder and may be the single best must have item on everyone’s wish list.

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