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Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories Worth Traveling With

Last week I mentioned some of the key pieces of equipment you might consider if you are traveling to a destination well out of reach of your car. I suggested an inflatable paddle board like the Sevylor Cimarron 12’6” Inflatable SUP, a board capable of handling a wide variety of water situations. I also suggested a Boardworks SUP 3 Piece Hybrid Adjustable Paddle for both it’s quality and more importantly, ease in packing. And I promised a look at some must have SUP gear and accessories to take with you as you make your own personal world tour. So we’ll do that first and then we’ll revisit the paddle.

More than just a good board, paddle and in this case, inflatable pump, you are going to need to know something about where you are headed. While impulse can take you to some amazing destinations, attempting to be a little more specific in your choice will help you decide how many and which type of fins you should take. I think that you should start with at least two and add on from there. A good flex fin like the 7 inch Flex Fin will give you some shallow ground forgiveness and the ability to catch a decent wave if the opportunity presents itself. I also like the FCS 9” Fin because it makes for great touring and this little gem tracks really well. Both are affordable and lightweight. Feel free to add more because as experienced SUPers know, fins can make a huge difference and having a few to test might just elevate your fun. Pack a couple of FCS Fin Keys with you as well – in different spots and get some for your friends to carry.

Other miscellaneous accessories involve cool items that you might need. A GoPro mount for those of you committed to hauling around the equipment is essential for recording evidence of the awesome time you are having. This little front mount device can also be turned back on you as well. After all, you can never have enough video of you on a SUP. Depending on where you are going, a hydration pack like the CamelBak Molokai 70 Ounce Pack comes in handy for keeping you cool and stowing a huge amount of stuff that is often critical to your safety.

But I think we should revisit the paddle situation. You are traveling. You make concessions when you do because you can’t pack all your cool stuff. Your expensive board is staying home and you are heading into the wild blue yonder with an inflatable board. But should you compromise on the paddle as well?

The Boardworks three-piece SUP paddle board is a compromise and may not be one you want to take. Your paddle is key to energy level, your overall enjoyment, and besides that, a very personal and often custom fitted item. Now while you may not be racing on your trip, but a paddle designed to give racers the edge – quick, clean paddle, lightweight, and custom cut to your body – can only make your experience better.

Werner GrandPrix S1000 Carbon Paddle

Werner GrandPrix S1000 Carbon Paddle is a highly personal choice for SUPers who want performance, a customized feel, and a paddle that is just as serious as they are.


The Werner Grand Prix S1000 Carbon Paddle may be a bit unwieldy to cart around but once you get to the water, you will forget the crowded buses, cramped trains, and the otherwise improvised travel you had to tolerate to get to some of the best paddle boarding in the world. Don’t get me wrong: You can have a good time with a three piece paddle. But if it were me, and with something as personal as a paddle, I want to have an awesome time.

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