SUP Construction: The Torsion Box Under the Skin

Distance Touring on a Stand Up Paddle Board

One of the numerous features of the Tahoe SUP Tallac Expedition 14’ Touring SUP is perhaps its least understood. Look at enough information about SUP construction and it all begins to look the same. It can be forgiven: When building a stand up paddle board for touring, you go with what works. But when a manufacturer puts a torsion box beneath the skin, you might ask how this changes your SUP experience. In the world of distance touring on a stand up paddle board, a torsion box design means a great deal.

Tahoe Tallac Expedition Touring SUP

This is a look at the same type of torsion box used in the Tahoe Tallac Expedition Touring SUP

A torsion box, for those of you have never dabbled in woodworking, is a lightweight structural feature that offers increased strength. It makes sense when you want to build something strong that would otherwise be heavy without it. With fourteen feet from tip to tail, Tahoe’s use of a torsion box makes this SUP a long distance gem.

When it comes to distance touring on a SUP, the ability to have a strong board, capable of carrying weights up to 300 pounds (your weight plus gear) is an absolute must. Using a Bambootech construction, this board will be the best way to get into the backcountry. This adds extra volume to the board which gives your SUP added stability.

The concept of distance touring is not lost on the Tahoe Tallac Expedition. You want a board with excellent displacement, moving all types of water with a minimum of paddle effort. This pack mule of a paddle board comes with more than enough tie downs. The manufacturer suggests that they have built the navigation into your imagination. With a built in compass, you won’t get lost on that quest.

Tahoe also understands that a well padded deck is essential in paddler comfort on long treks. To help with times when portage is unavoidable, the handles are also padded. The DURAfin is designed for tracking and durability. The injection molded design gives you added tracking in all types of water conditions.

This is a big board and isn’t necessarily for beginners. And of course you can use it for a paddle around your favorite lake. But when you decide to take that expedition, a board such as the Tahoe SUP Tallac Expedition Touring Board is the perfect choice.

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