Going the Distance with SUP

Carry More Farther with this Stand Up Paddle Board

Remember the old George Carlin bit about stuff? It still resonates today because we have stuff that we need to have with us everywhere we go. When you plan on a SUP outing, you make a list of the stuff you need and then whittle away that list to the stuff you can’t do without. Even minimalists have stuff. So we all have stuff. The question we may not have considered was which is the best stand up paddle board to load this stuff and still have a great SUP experience? The Boardworks SUP Great Bear 14’ Touring Paddle Board is the solution on going the distance, carrying more farther and have a great time doing it.

The Boardworks Great Bear 14' Touring SUP

The Boardworks Great Bear 14′ Touring SUP gives you a big, stable paddle board to get you and your gear to more destinations – the best for touring, racing and fitness.

This is a big board, built with the focus on its ability to carry larger than average weights greater distances. The manufacturer suggests that a novice on this board could pack up to 290 pounds (including paddler) and not find the handling of the board compromised. An experienced SUPer could, according to Great Bear, could pack a total weight of almost 330 pounds.

And while this pack mule type loads seem impressive, the board still needs to be stable, well-designed, and capable of giving the stand up paddleboarder a variety of fun experiences. The Great Bear Touring Board does exactly that and more. The thoughtful design of this board’s nose to tail construction gives the board a unique feel that every type of paddler will agree is unique.

So what makes this SUP different than other touring boards? It is more than the thinner hull, more than the nose designed to cut through downwind chop, more than the extra wide tail, more than the extra tie downs and portage perfect LiftSUP handle. In fact, it is the ability of this board to be more versatile. Did I mention tie-downs? This board has more than any other board I’ve seen.

Boardworks uses a Tec-V dual density construction that not only makes this board surprisingly light and tight but able to transcend touring to racing and because of the incredible stability, an awesome fitness board for yoga. Don’t let the length of this board intimidate you: It is an excellent beginner board with an all-weather capability on flat water.

Make your plans, pick your destination, and pack more of your stuff this summer. This is the paddle board that can take you where no other SUP could before, with everything you need to enjoy yourself when you get there.

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