Small Scale SUP

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is Not about Size

No doubt you’ve heard the proverb that suggests that “good things come in small packages”. When it comes to stand up paddle boarding, the world of averages often comes into play. Most SUP boards are built for the average sized person. these boards, while usable for almost everyone, can prove unwieldy for a person of slightly smaller stature. They can be hard to maneuver, difficult to load on and off your car, and may not track as well in the water. Of course, that has changed as stand up paddle boarding has matured as a sport.

SoL Sunburst Touring SUP

SoL Sunburst Touring SUP offers an excellent board that will perform.

The Stand On Liquid Sunburst 11’6″ Touring SUP has met the challenge. What most people look for in a good SUP is construction. While some might think there will be corners cut in order to make the board more accessible to more SUPers, this is not the case with the Sunburst. This board is built with performance in mind. Not only does it offer a quality epoxy core construction that makes the board lighter than most, it is this type of consideration to design that has made it one of the most popular boards for the whole family.

This board is more than just well-built. It provides anyone who jumps on it the performance of a much higher priced touring board. It’s slightly thinned profile makes it glide through the water with authority. And even with all this going for the Sunburst, it tracks incredibly well and ranks among the best for stability, a measure of how the board performs under certain conditions with certain weights.

More than just durability, SUPers looking for a lighter weight board (this one weighs just 28lbs), they are looking for style. You can customize this board in blue or pink although I think you could talk the folks at SoL into other choices. The bamboo deck accentuates the sleekness of the board without giving up any fun time. It also comes with all the requisite tie downs and GoPro attachments.

If you sport a slightly smaller frame than the average, this board should be on your serious consideration list. If you are new to paddle boarding, you should also consider this board for two reasons: it is a better than good beginner board and once you get the hang of it, you’ll find this board performs well even as your skill level increases. In other words, this is the board you keep.

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