When the SUP of Choice has Option

A Stand Up Paddle Board that can Spread Its Wings

One of the first and perhaps toughest question you will get from a sales person upon entering a stand up paddle board shop might be phrased like this: “So, what do you want to do with your SUP?” If you’re a beginner, the answer might be “have fun, get outside”. But if you have a modicum of athletic prowess, you might answer “everything”. Unfortunately, all stand up paddle boards are created differently, for different conditions and skill/size levels. But you can have a great deal of flexibility with a SUP like the Pau Hana Candence 12’6” Carbon SUP.

Pau Hana Cadence Carbon SUP

Pau Hana Cadence Carbon SUP will do some surprising feats – if you let it. All you need is will and the water.

This paddle board comes with accolades – it was named as Outside Magazine’s Board of the Year, the first time the publication awarded the Gear Medallion to a SUP. It also comes with versatility and a certain feel that is hard to describe. The closest I can come to the way the board reacts once its in the water is coiled energy, a feeling that suggests this board has more possibilities built in it just waiting to be unleashed. It has race cred that seems to ooze from its slick surface and powerful command of the water.

The mere fact that the Pau Hana Carbon Cadence can transition from flatwater to ocean and almost everything in between is enough to create a certain obligation by the paddler to do more, go farther, experience it all. In fact, the only place this board isn’t the most commanding presence is on whitewater.

So what makes this board so special? Let’s begin with the side of the board you won’t see standing on it. The bow is designed to cut chop with so little effort almost every water surface will seem like glass. The displacement hull offers world-class stability to every paddler, even beginners and surprisingly, in all sorts of weather conditions. The rails are created to help with choppy conditions, designed to be squared up just enough.

And then there is the shell. Nothing says fast like carbon and when you combine it with bamboo and fiberglass, you have a lightweight yet stiff board capable of great things. These materials make this board incredibly light (at 23lbs.). It also comes with a full EVA deck pad.

With all of that potential, this board will give you more than just a leisurely paddle around the lake. It will make you want to train. It will make you want to race. And you will follow the Pau Hana Cadence as it demands you use it. You might even be able to use it to its fullest.

So when the sales person asks you what you want in a SUP, tell her two words: Pau Hana. It loosely translates into “everything is possible”.

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