The Best SUP Board Bags

Protecting Your Stand Up Paddle Board with a Board Bag

You may be under the impression that the greatest danger to your stand up paddle board will be encountered in the water. While your SUP can encounter all sorts of obstacles, some of the worst damage can come from exposure to the elements on dry land. So I thought I’d talk a little bit about the SUP board bag, specifically the Stand On Liquid Paddle Board Bag.

Stand On Liquid Wheeled SUP Board Bag

Stand On Liquid Wheeled SUP Board Bag – this is a best class board bag designed to protect your board in transit.

Many manufacturers such as FCS 10’6” Travel Cover SUP Bag and the Lakeshore Paddle Company 12’6” SUP Board Bag provide excellent designs for your paddle board, both with heavy duty zippers, cinch straps, and foam padding to protect your SUP while traveling, they come in a close second and third to what SOL has designed.

The FCS and Lakeshore Board Bags offer a specific bag for a specific sized board, with similar materials. The SOL Board Bag takes the construction one step further. They understand the dangers your board can face when getting to and from the water. The SOL Board Bag, which also comes in sizes ranging from 9’6” to 14 feet in length, seems to have focused on the paddle boarder as much as protecting the board itself.

While it might not be the flashiest cover on the market, the folks at SOL have encased this premium bag in reflective material. Sun is hands down the greatest danger you board faces. The shiny surface deflects the harsh heat of the summer sun, protecting your SUP from surface and ultimately core damage.

They installed a non-corrosive zipper that should last almost forever. Add to that four handles, two at either end as well as the standard side grips, this board bag is probably the easiest bag to carry to your destination. But they didn’t stop there. This board bag is designed with wheels. This is a game changer in the world of board bags allowing almost any size paddle boarder the ability to get to and from their favorite SUP destination with little effort.

The bag can also accommodate two boards. They had designed a board separator and easy to use cinch straps. The fin pockets add another often overlooked convenience. While most board bags competing for your attention offer 10mm of foam padding (a little over ⅓ inch), the SUP Board Bag gives you a full ½ inch of protection. This makes the SOL Board Bag an excellent airplane bag

But there are some things you should know about board bags. For instance,

  • Completely dry your board before placing in the bag.
  • The SOL Board Bag will protect your board but you should still look for a shady spot if you aren’t using the board for an extended period of time.
  • Board bags are for limited use. Don’t store your board for extended periods. In other words, get a rack, like the one I mentioned in the previous post.

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