Stuffing Stockings with Cool SUP Accessories

Giving That Stand Up Paddle Boarder What They Really Want

Christmas aside, gifts are our way of showing appreciation, love, and consideration of the other person’s needs. Gifts can be random, scheduled (birthdays and anniversaries), or obligatory (like Christmas). The choice is never easy. So today I thought I’d take a little bit of pressure off you this holiday for the stand up paddle boarders on your list. These are stocking stuffers that will make every SUP enthusiast on your list grin. There is really only one way to describe these SUP accessories. They are cool and I’d be willing to wager that’s what they’ll say exactly that when the unwrap them.

I made a brief mention of this item last week when I was discussing stand up paddle boards for yoga, so forgive me for mentioning it again – but it is worth repeating. The Paddle Port Paddle Holder seems like such a no-brainer but you would be surprised the amount of people on your list that could use this handy item. Not only is excellent for yoga, stows the paddle safely while you go through your poses, but if you use your board for fishing or just catching a few rays while drifting on a sunny afternoon, you need this. If you are going on a vacation, throw this in your bag for the rental board you’ll be using.

Tahoe SUP Buddy Pad

Tahoe SUP Buddy Pad is perfect for your pet or kids!

The SUPer on your list might not be the only heart beat on that board. The Tahoe SUP Buddy Pad SUP Deck Pad acts as a pet-specific or kid-friendly space. This will give your dog or your kids the opportunity to take to the water with you. It works best with a Tahoe SUP but the manufacturer says it has a universal application for other boards. If you’re not sure whether this Buddy Pad will work, I know the Stand on Liquid Mud Mat will. Be sure to review these important tips for taking your dog on the water.

Without a doubt, the stand up paddle boarders on your list has stuff she or he would like to take with them on an outing. The Tahoe Cargo Net is the perfect item. It’s the kind of gift they will always use, probably only think about once they get to the water’s edge, and might never buy for themselves. It is the kind of gift that will remind them of how cool you are to think of such a great accessory.

These are gifts that have no season, only a special someone who needs these accessories.

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