The Gift of SUP: Yoga Made Easier

Why Wait to Get the Perfect Stand Up Paddle Board for Yoga.

Last year around this time, I did several posts about the experience stand up paddle boarders can have by taking their yoga routine to the water. I quoted Hilary Kimblin, owner of Yoga Under the Trees in Beverly Hills, CA when she told Yoga Journal: “When it’s (yoga) practiced outdoors it seems like the union with nature, humanity, and the universe is truly felt.” Apparently, that union with nature is twice as impactful when yoga is done on a stand up paddle board. As the gift giving season approaches, perhaps the perfect stand up paddle board for yoga could make this Christmas something special for the yoga enthusiast and paddle boarder on your list.

Riviera Yoga Mat 9'6" SUP

Riviera Yoga Mat 9’6″ SUP is designed with yoga in mind.

Yoga fitness on a paddle board begins with the right SUP. In that post I basically suggested that a versatile board, one that can be used for other paddle board activities might be a good choice. I also mentioned that eleven feet was right on the verge of being too long to practice yoga. Shorter boards allow you to center your gravity better and keep the board stable. I suggested that the optimum board is flat, on both sides with a smooth, soft deck, laid edge to edge from nose to tail and a flat bottom. This may reduce the versatility of the board for some other activities but for yoga it is perfect. You don’t necessarily want a SUP with a prominent displacement hull either. The handles need to be recessed as well.

So what board meets all of those requirements for the perfect stand up paddle board for yoga? The Riviera Paddlesurf Yoga Mat 9’6” Yoga SUP does! When the Riviera Company set out to design a board for yoga, they were were well aware that most of the designs focused on paddle boarding first, and if you wanted, you could also do yoga on it. They decided that this might not be the best approach. So they put the yoga concept first. The Riviera Paddlesurf Yoga Mat SUP is cut to the right length to give you excellent balance and stability. This board is built specifically for yoga.

While you could practice your yoga poses on a wide variety of beginner boards, most are wide enough and stable enough to engage in some basic yoga positions, the Riviera Paddlesurf Yoga Mat SUP allows you to take your session to the next level. This board comes equipped with four tie downs and is lightweight (at only 26 lbs.)  This board can double as a great all-around family board as well.  I highly recommend you get this Paddle Port Paddle Holder.

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