Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Helmets

Are SUP Helmets a Requirement?

As sports like stand up paddle boarding become more mainstream, the number of people who approach the experience with little or no training is bound to increase as well. While the sport is not that difficult to pick-up, to SUP correctly and safely requires a little bit of forethought. So I thought I’d take a minute to talk about your head, and more importantly, your kid’s noggin. To answer the question posed at the onset, helmets like the Shred Ready tDub are not required for SUPers. But they should be.

Shred Ready tDub Helmet

Shred Ready tDub Helmet is stylish and adjustable for a custom fit.

With the right equipment, your SUP can be used in a wide variety of conditions on all sorts of water. And while the lake might seem harmless enough, the bay might appear calm, and even the river tranquil, there is a risk of injury that I have never addressed: your head. With all of the attention football has received, are your chances of head injury on a stand up paddle board real or imagined?

One of the benefits of being such a new sport is the lack of statistics on the various injuries you might receive from the activity. Of course we can expect some aches and pains as we learn the sport and our muscles become accustomed to the process. But head injuries are a real possibility. How possible are they? Relatively mild activities like going to the gym resulted in eighteen thousand traumatic brain injuries in 2009 according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. That’s ten thousand more than hockey!

Stand up paddle boarding puts the rider in a precarious position, on water with currents, wind, and varying degrees of shallowness, poised above a board that is constructed to be durable and hard. Even a short fall of four feet can cause enough problems to impact the brain of a child and sometimes an adult.

Many activities wait for the law to tell them what to do, wearing a helmet on a paddle board, while really smart in white water paddle boarding might also be a wise choice for kids and for adults as well.

So what kind of helmet should you use even if the dangers are limited? You look to the world of kayaking to see what they recommend and they really like the Shred Ready tDub.

Kayakers not only want an extreme level of safety as they navigate white water, where the currents are not just continuous but relentless, they also want to look good doing it. The tDub provides the sort of overprotection that you expect in a helmet (Certified CE 1385 international standard for headgear for whitewater sports) it doesn’t look like it should be as good as it is. It fits every size head nicely with adjustable inserts to make sure the fit is custom.

Looking for an ideal Xmas gift for the extreme SUPer on your list, or even for that kid who really enjoyed SUPing this past summer, the Shred ready tDub will give you the peace of mind that they will be safe when they do. Plus, this gives you an excellent way to mount that GoPro camera you got under the tree.

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