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The Influence of an Ancient Deity and the Touring SUP: The SOL Kanaloa

The Stand On Liquid 12’ Kanaloa Touring SUP draws on the influence of an ancient Hawaiian deity, Kanaloa. According to legend, he was part of a divine duality with his counterpart Kane, possessing a wild and taming power that is best seen in the SUP named after him, a uniquely designed stand up paddle board that possesses both of those skills. How does this ancient teacher of magic translate into the SOL Kanaloa?

Stand On Liquid 12' Kanaloa Touring SUP

Stand On Liquid 12′ Kanaloa Touring SUP invokes the power of Hawaiian deities.

The SOL Kanaloa SUP is designed for touring. Touring boards are among the most popular type of SUP and for good reason. A well-designed touring board is adaptable to numerous water conditions, giving it a broad range of possibilities for the recreational user. This makes the SOL Kanaloa a perfect choice for every skill level.

For the beginner, this means the board has to be super stable with just the right width (31 inches) and length (12 feet) to give you a great experience from the start. It is. Intermediate level SUPers will find the recessed deck, which provides a low center of gravity an excellent design feature. This allows for a more effortless stroke with better power. For those who consider themselves to be more expert paddlers, overall durability allows them to push the limits of their skill. This board can take everything you dish out and come back for more.

The board is built with a Closed-Cell EPS Core, which for those who don’t consider the board’s construction as a defining feature, gives this SUP strength without the added weight. This core is then wrapped in multi-layered fiberglass and sealed in a thermal mold epoxy. The folks at SOL know that using the best materials will give you a lightweight, long-lasting board that won’t suffer those disastrous spider cracks. Overall, this design gives the board a little more flex and at the same time, the much needed stability beginners need and durability for frequent use.

Perhaps the magic in this board can be found in the stylish Polynesian tattoo. Perhaps the real magic of this SUP can be found in the price. While other touring boards of similar design can cost twice as much, the SOL Kanaloa may very well be the best buy in stand up paddle boards. Combine it with an adjustable fiberglass paddle and big red bow and someone on your list will have a very nice Xmas indeed. In fact, this is the type of board a non-SUPer can purchase as gift for the paddle boarder on their list with complete confidence.

One thing is for certain: You will feel the island wind in your hair as you tour on the SOL Kanaloa and perhaps the magic of the Hawaiian legend at your back.

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