On Vacation: The Rented SUP

Stand Up Paddle Boards, Resorts, Rentals, and the Over Engineered SUP

What can you expect from a rented stand up paddle board? Do you expect it to be the kind of SUP you would like to own or is the board you are renting an over engineered version built for abuse?

Today I thought that we’d discuss the SUP you are mostly likely to encounter on your next vacation and a stand up paddle board that is more durable than the rented variety and should be the choice of every oceanfront shack or vacation rental.

The Stand on Liquid Beach Bum 11’ Soft Top SUP is the type of board you are likely to encounter at that rental shop along the coast. Because the vast majority of vacation renters are new to the sport, several key specifics have been engineered into the board for both durability and fun.

Vacation Paddle BoardingThe first is stability. As beginner paddle boarders attempt to balance on a board for the first time, the Beach Bum offers the right length (at 11 feet), the optimum width (31 inches) and a soft top to allow the new-to-the-sport SUPer the greatest chance of getting that balance right in the shortest amount of time. The last thing a rental shop wants is the renter to not be able to master this first requirement of paddle boarding.

And while durability is a concern, most rental shops will consider replacement value often over performance. These boards will see more activity in a given week than a SUP that is owned gets in an entire year. While manufacturers want the paddler to paddle sooner, they may have scrimped on materials to achieve a good price point.

If I had one of those oceanfront shacks, this would be the board I would chose to rent to you for all of the reasons above. It is enough board to get you to want to do it again and has enough of the characteristics most beginners are looking for in a SUP. From a business standpoint, the Beach Bum is an excellent value. Or is it?

What if you were looking for a little more? What if you wanted a stand up paddle board that could achieve all of those things but be built to last? Then it might be smarter for a resort or rental shop to stock up on a board that is both durable and stable but gives the renter a little more in terms of performance, right? Even if you simply had a vacation home and wanted your guests to enjoy paddle boarding, you would want a board that will last but be enjoyable by all of your guests.

The Stand On Liquid Sunset All Water, 11’6” SUP is the board you really want. Same stability rating as the Beach Bum, built with a higher degree of durability (Closed-Cell EPS Foam Core, Multi-Layered Fiberglass, Full EVA Traction Deck, Molded Solid EVA Rails, Nose, and Tail Bumpers vs. the Beach Bum – EPS Core, Soft Foam Top, Vinyl Plastic Bottom), and of course this board is all-water rated.

We’ve all heard the expression: “I’m going to ride it like a rented mule” or perhaps, “nobody washes a rental car”. Both of those sayings reflect a rental mentality suggesting that it’s not mine so why I should I treat as if it were. But this is a sport that lingers long after you leave the water. If you are a resort, rental shop, or even want you guests at your vacation home to have a memorable time, a good all-water paddle board like the SOL Sunset is worth the few extra pennies you will spend.

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