One SUP That Inflates: Touring on Air

Does the Naish ONE Touring SUP Stand Alone above Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards?

There is no doubt in my mind that the vast majority of people new to the stand up paddle boarding should consider an inflatable board. The reasons why boards like the Naish ONE 12’6” Touring SUP will be draw beginners and more experienced paddle boarders has much more to do with convenience than performance. But this inflatable stand up paddle boards may deliver on both fronts. Here’s five reasons why your next touring experience should be done on an inflatable board.

Naish ONE 12'6" Inflatable Touring Board

Naish ONE 12’6″ Inflatable Touring Board is stable on exceptionally fast.

One: Convenience

We have discussed the convenience factor numerous times over the last several months, and with good reason. There is the ability to put the board in the water just about anywhere, including more secluded spots that would require you to pack it in. While it is not the lightest board available, at 24 total pounds, the Naish ONE Touring SUP comes close to getting that honor. It can be stowed in the trunk or back seat, carried to the site by just about anyone over the age of twelve and inflated right there. The reverse is just as easy – which is kind of surprising for a board of this length.

Two: Stability

Most folks assume that anything you inflate might have a squishy feel to it, reminiscent of inner tubes or rafts. The Naish ONE is incredibly rigid when you hit the PSI the manufacturer suggests. You may need to invest in a better pump than Naish provides and it is worth the few extra dollars spent on an electric or even a K-pump. But once you get to the 15 PSI mark, you will have a six inch thick board capable of stowing a lot of gear, kids, or even a much larger paddle boarder.

Three: Versatility

The Naish ONE is a touring board. Sure you can take it out on rough water, even try your hand at surfing with it, but you’ll be disappointed. But get this SUP on a nice flat or open bay water surface and it will track really well. While you may not consider it a race board, a skilled rider can compete with this board. It is fast.

Naish ONE 12'6" Touring SUP

Naish ONE 12’6″ Touring SUP is lightweight.

Four: Multi-Skill Ready

Beginners and intermediate riders will be delighted with the way the Naish ONE performs. As I mentioned, it is convenient to transport, inflate and roll up. It has good stability across a wide range of weights. But one of the features that sets this board apart is the deck.  Not only is it comfortable for a long day on the water, the pad is graded depending on your skill. This means, based on Naish’s thinking, you stand exactly where your skill level is. No guessing here. Stand here if you are beginner or use it to train for the next race.

Five: Construction

It comes with the expected military grade, UV protected rubber but because of the inflated thickness, it is a much more stable board than other boards of similar construction.

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