SUP Speed: The Inflatable Racing Stand Up Paddle Board

The Go Anywhere Race SUP That Inflates

Gandhi once said; “There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.” When it comes to the Mistral 14’ Race Inflatable SUP, I must respectfully disagree. When it comes to racing, speed is essential and for most of us, we imagine this sort of acceleration to come from a more conventional SUP. But one of the best entries in the world of fast stand up paddle boards inflates.

German SUP champion Markus Perrevoort tested the Mistral 14’ Race SUP and found many of its features surprisingly innovative. One of the first things he pointed out was the way the company allowed the SUPer to adjust the air pressure to the various water conditions you might encounter. Unlike conventional boards, which are limited in most instances, by their design to a specific task, an inflatable board like the Mistral can be customized to the race and to the conditions at hand.

The international Mistral company not only sees itself as playful, colorful, visionary, and with a pioneering spirit, creating great water experiences since 1989, now believes that length, combined with superior stability, is the key to making a great inflatable paddle board. But Mistral also took a step further boasting that this is a great all-around, family friendly stand up paddle board. To make that claim, it should meet certain thresholds for all users.

Mistral 14' Inflatable Race SUP

Mistral 14′ Inflatable Race SUP is constructed with a triple laminate layer on the top and bottom of the board denotes an extremely robust outer skin.

The construction of this board focuses on military grade drop-stitch material. Not only is this incredibly durable but the design uses more nylon strings to connect the top- with the bottom skin than most inflatable boards on the market. The ability to adjust the PSI for various water conditions allows the board to be adjusted for users ranging from the intensely serious to the curious beginner.

Along with the obvious features that come with an inflatable board, easy to transport and store (weighing in at just 28 lbs.), and of course accessibility to any point of entry, the board inflates (and deflates) in just about four minutes. It also comes with a soft or hard EVA deck to make it more comfortable over long distances.

Adding to the incredible speed potential, the Mistral SUP also comes with grab handles, stowage systems, towing and leash rings, and the incredibly convenient paddle tie downs. This board is part of its innovative One Design Class iSUP Boards and might be an excellent sign of greater things to come for the world of inflatable boards.

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