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SUP Comparison: Inflatable v. Conventional Stand Up Paddle Board

The Difference Between an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board and a Conventional SUP Comparisons are always hard to do. When it comes to putting two different designs of stand up paddle boards side-by-side, more than just the construction of the SUP needs to be considered. I thought I’d put two incredible paddle boards up for […]

SUP: The Power of Air

How the Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is Changing the World of SUP What’s free and revolutionary, allows you to expand your horizons, and gives you a wider range of possibilities? Air, but not just any air. It is the air you put in your Red Paddle Company 12’6” Explorer SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Board. But […]

How To Chose a SUP Paddle

Five Things You Should Know When Choosing a Stand Up Paddle Board Paddle While the Riviera Vantage Art Series Carbon Fiber Paddle may be one of the best choices on the market, good looks aside, it can also set you back a pretty penny. Is it worth it? Before I give it a resounding yes, […]

When SUP Shines a Light

Illuminating Your Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure Emily Dickinson once said; “PHOSPHORESCENCE. Now there’s a word to lift your hat to…” Or, if she was familiar with the world of stand up paddle boarding, to illuminate your SUP. As fall approaches, the days get shorter while summer struggles to hang on with the sun lower […]

Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing Beyond the Popular Surfing Spots

The Ocean is Bigger on a Stand Up Paddle Board “Every innovation goes through three stages: ridicule, opposition, then self-evidence,” says board designer Corran Addison. “With SUP, we’re somewhere between the second and third stage.” This quote appeared in a three-year old edition of Outdoor Magazine concerning the territorial nature of the surfer and the […]