When Yoga Meets SUP

Was Stand Up Paddle Boarding Created with Yoga in Mind?

Probably not. But you might think so if you are both a yoga enthusiast and own a Stand On Liquid Sunset 12′ Touring SUP. But first, let’s talk about the yoga part and then I’ll explain why this board, while created to be fast and adaptable under a wide variety of water conditions, may be the best overall SUP board to complete the equation.

The New York Times recently answered the question “Does Yoga Build Muscle Strength?” in their Ask Well column dated August 8, 2014. The question basically focused on two control groups, one that participated in a twice weekly, sixty minute session of the sequentially position focused Ashtanga yoga and the other group continued with what they refer to as normal activities. The study found that the yoga group did gain strength in their legs but not any noticeable increase in muscle strength in any other part of their bodies.

Stand On Liquid Sunset Touring Board

Possibly one of the best touring/race boards around, the Stand On Liquid Sunset Touring SUP Board can also double as the perfect board for yoga.

The conclusion was a more or less “meh” when it comes to trying to stay fit with yoga alone. In other words, the post concluded that yoga should only be part of a regime you should develop to exercise all parts of your body. But yoga practitioners took to commenting that this is not the focus of why they do yoga. Instead, they suggested it was “to silence the mind chatter so the practitioner can see his/herself more clearly and gain realization through that process” or “Yoga isn’t strength, or burning calories. It is centering , gaining flexibility of mind and body.” And while yoga does develop breathing, flexibility, and inner focus, it tends to only develop one side of your body’s muscle groups.  Yoga can improve the push side but leaves the pull side without any conditioning. Because of this, it may, as some suggest, leave you out of balance.

So if the reason for yoga is to develop a balance, an inner peace, and a one with yourself, can combining it with a paddle board be the answer to real question: “Should you combine SUP and Yoga for the best physical condition possible?”

Yes, for several reasons. Paddle boarding demands more for the body than any other single activity. It creates a whole body experience. It uses all of your muscle groups, focusing on the core to achieve balance and expanding outward to engage your back, shoulders, and arms as well as your legs. And as you improve and become a more experienced paddler, it also tends to allow you to reach a similar inner peace. Combining the two offers a fitness-focused individual an unique opportunity.

And here’s why the Stand On Liquid Sunset 12′ Touring SUP should be the paddle board of choice. This well-designed board is built for racing in all sorts of water. What sets this board apart is its elegant exterior and race-centric features with a sharp displacement hull and amazing durability. This SUP board is the perfect width to practice yoga and because of this, the design of the board is perfect whether stationary or in motion.

With the water under your feet, gently rocking the board, your yoga workout will be tested much more so than on the ground. You will also be well stretched for the second part of the workout: a paddle around the lake.

Adding paddle boarding to your yoga regime is key to your overall fitness. The strength training and balanced workout you receive from a brisk afternoon on the lake paddle boarding will perfectly compliments the goal of yoga.

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