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Dog Days of SUP: Teaching Your Dog to Paddle Board

Five Important Tips About Stand Up PaddleBoarding and Your Dog The reference to the ‘dog days of summer’ has little to do with dogs and is based mostly on the rising of Sirius, the Dog Star. Because it arrives in mid-summer, the ancients blamed the hot and listless days of heat on the canine in […]

When Yoga Meets SUP

Was Stand Up Paddle Boarding Created with Yoga in Mind? Probably not. But you might think so if you are both a yoga enthusiast and own a Stand On Liquid Sunset 12′ Touring SUP. But first, let’s talk about the yoga part and then I’ll explain why this board, while created to be fast and […]

Extreme SUP: The Do’s and Don’ts of Boat Wake Surfing

Using Your SUP Surf Paddle Board on Flat Water Suppose you have a Naish Mana 8’10” Surf SUP, a paddle board that is designed for dominating the surf using an awesome tail rocker and a near perfect platform for excellent maneuverability but you are hundreds of miles away from the nearest ocean. What can you […]

SUP Core Training

How SUP can be the Best Exercise You Don’t Realize You’re Getting I bumped into a statistic that suggested half of the buyers of stand up paddle boards are women. Personally, I think that number is much higher. But if the stat is true, one has to wonder why the other half isn’t on board […]