How to Make This a SUP Summer to Remember

Try a New SUP, Launch from a Different Spot, Start a SUP Charity

Tahoe Tallac Expedition Touring SUP

Get this Tahoe Tallac and go places,


Summer is in full swing and if you have been sitting on the shore of your favorite waterway, watching people glide past like a gondolier, you’ve probably wondered: what this paddle boarding experience is like? SUP is enjoying a newly found of popularity on any body of water larger than a bathtub. And with good reason. Stand up paddle boarding can be either fun or a workout, it easy to do do, takes little time to learn, and can be done by almost everyone, at any age, across in a wide variety of physical conditions. And considering how long you will do it, a SUP board like the Tahoe SUP Tallac Explorer Touring Paddle Board is the perfect choice for exploring the world or simply taking a leisurely paddle nearby.

Where to Go?

For most SUP boarders, simply being on the lake is enough. But for others, the thrill of a new place to explore is why you began SUPing in the first place. But where and what can you expect when you get there? The answer is in a newly update app for iphone called Launch Sites.

Sparks Lake

Sparks Lake

I typed Bend, OR into the search and not only do some of my favorite spots pop on the list, rated based on criteria like restrooms and fees, but also info about the body of water. For instance, Sparks Lake at the foot of South Sister does have a boat launch but the app warns you that the water is shallow. In my mind, it means I’ll have the lake to myself. The app will even warn you if motor boats are allowed. It gives a world wide choice of launch sites. So strap the board to the roof of your car and go forth SUPer.

SUP for Charity

SUP for Charity

What to Do with Your SUP?

Will Schmidt took his SUP experience to a higher level. He took his board on solo stand up paddle through the California Channel Island chain to raise funds and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project and the Casa Hogar Orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico. His SUP experience was a never before attempted journey through those channels from Oxnard, CA to Dana Point, CA. So why not do something similar with your Tahoe Tallac SUP? Catch the video of the journey here.

Why the Tahoe Tallac SUP?

This board is almost beyond words. Not only is it incredibly stable, a must for touring, it has enough tie downs to pack about 200 lbs of gear, a compass built right in to the board, and of course an extra comfortable pad. Because it is designed for touring, this board will be a good choice to use when trying out that app I mentioned, or helping raise money for the world at large.

It may have taken a millennium to catch the popular wave, but stand up paddle boarding or SUP, as it is often known, is here to stay. Now it’s your time to catch-up.

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