The Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Your Long-Term Enjoyment

The Best SUP Point of Entry

If your first stand up paddle board is not the Boardworks 10’6” Sirena SUP, you may be making a common error that most novices to the sport make. You obviously want a board designed for long-term enjoyment across a variety of conditions. You want this SUP to provide a good point of entry as you learn the sport and continue to be exactly what you need as your experience grows.

Boardworks Sirena SUP

This is one of the most versatile SUP Boards for every level of expertise.

This particular board has an additional feature that many people fail to consider when buying a stand up paddle board: adaptability. In other words, you want this question answered: how long will this SUP last?

Let me explain. The majority of first time buyers are looking for a good SUP board, affordable and durable with as many features as possible for the least amount of money. You might be tempted to look for a board at a big box store. This would be a mistake for three reasons. One, the boards are generic in design; two, they are not always the right board for what you intend to use it for; three, you won’t get the custom fit that a vendor who focuses on nothing but SUP products can offer.

Because most buyers think of their SUP purchase as a one-time event, hoping they get a board that will last a lifetime, few boards are designed to do that. But the Sirena SUP Board is.

Here’s why. The Sirena 10’6” SUP Board by Boardworks is the type of stand up paddle board that grows with you. It has a stability rating that ranges across a wide variety of weights allowing you to use the board for fitness, and as you lose weight and get in better shape, for other purposes including racing. This board remains one of the best for long-term enjoyment. Because of its slimmed down construction, this board can be used with success by both novice and advanced paddle boarders. Not only is this SUP board versatile, it is also a very attractive and lightweight.

Few boards on the market can make the following claim about their boards: you can use it for fitness, for touring, and for recreational racing. This allows you to grow into the board over time. This makes the Boardworks Sirena one of the best SUP points of entry.

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