Stand Up Paddle Boarding and the Bikini Body

How SUP Will Get You a Bikini Body

We have discussed the numerous benefits of stand up paddling boarding in past posts, the notable health benefits of SUP, the way you can take your yoga workout to the water, and of course why this incredible sport is sweeping the nation. But if statistics about the average American are true, there are a large number of people who are not engaging in this activity because they don’t have a bikini body. Well, I’m here to tell you that bikini body is not a prerequisite to SUP.

Marina, of Women of SUP, recently posted this lament on their FaceBook page. She wrote: “Too many women will put off learning to SUP this month because they haven’t “gotten down to their ideal weight yet”. If I had a dollar for every woman who has told me this! So I’m telling you to just GET ON THE DAMN BOARD ALREADY!” She’s right when she adds, “The thing is… summer is the easiest time to learn stand up paddling, so if you have an opportunity, take it! Nobody will care about your fat or cellulite, and once you learn to stand up paddle, you won’t either!”

No other sport burns calories quite the way stand up paddle boarding does. Even beginners, as they work on their paddling stroke and balance will churn through an average of 250 calories an hour. And once you get just a little more proficient, that calorie burn rate can increase to well over 700 calories. Of course, much of that burn depends on where you put your board in the water.

Most beginners will start on flat water, a term used for lakes and reservoirs and some slow moving rivers. This is great place to start and fitness experts will tell you that a comparable activity would be hiking. But if the wind kicks up or your packing gear on your board, the SUP experience is more like jogging.

Because SUPing engages a full range of motions, your legs, shoulders and core muscles all receive a workout that is well-disguised as fun. But even with all of those arguments pointing towards the obvious benefits of stand up paddle boarding. Lisa Patterson writing for Mens Fitness describes it like this: “SUP builds endurance and balance, giving your entire body a complete cardio workout—in fact, some experts say that 30 minutes of SUP is equivalent to running six miles.” Francis Lichtenberger writing for Health and Fitness also points to the obvious benefits, “At a typical casual pace, you’ll burn about twice the calories you’d burn on a moderate paced walk.”

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So what will it take for you to get out on the water this summer? Perhaps some protective clothing will do the trick. Although the industry is guilty of posting pictures of scantily clad women engaged in the sport as a way to entice you to try SUP, and this country still places a high ideal on those types of bodies, SUP is probably the most democratic activity available for all body types. Everyone can do it. Period.

Stand On Liquid, the Bend, OR based paddle board experts have a wide variety of sensible apparel wear, which those bikini bodies should consider as well, to help make the transition from what you are now to a much more fit you.

The HippyTree Balsa Heather Grey Tee is one example of the types of clothing all paddle boarders should wear. This fine jersey short sleeve tee is made of organic cotton, giving you the much needed protection from the sun and a comfortable cover-up that won’t restrict your stroke. Even better, how about a tee with built in SPF protection. The Quicksilver Snapper SPF 40+ Tee provides a loose fit with its specially designed bamboo mesh.

The bottom line: It isn’t how you look when you start, it’s how you feel when you’re done. Every body type will find the experience exhilarating and if you take it slow, will be something your body will ask you to do again and again.

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