SUP Paddle Board Accessories

Five Things You’ll Need to Enjoy Music From Your PaddleBoard

Suppose you have just purchased the classically designed Tahoe SUP Limited Edition 12’ 6” Paddle Board, with its throwback Chris Craft hardwood design deck and awesome touring capabilities. And with the purchase of that board, Stand On Liquid threw in a custom cut Torrent Carbon Paddle Board Paddle(limited time offer). Now if you are doing the math in your head, you just saved yourself a couple of hundred bucks that you would’ve spent anyway. So what does any SUP economist say: accessorize!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is about adventure, an incredible workout while having fun, and the chance to engage in one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in America. And there is no doubt you will stand tall and look good on your SUP board. But there are times when a great SUP experience awaits you while you are not paddling at all.

Every summer, river fronts around the Northwest explode with both free and pay concerts. The venues are great and both artists and concert goers like the setting on a warm summer evening. In Bend, Oregon, the Old Mill District, Drake Park, and Tumalo Creek all have a variety of outdoor stages you can paddle up to and enjoy the music. In Portland, where playing by the water begins with the Blues Festival, the granddaddy of Oregon’s music by the water festival and continues around the city until the rain begins to fall in autumn. So we have great music, water, and you on a Tahoe SUP. What else do you need?

Paddle Port Paddle Holder

Perfect for securing your paddle for yoga or watching a concert from the water.

Here are five must have accessories for that time when standing on liquid resembles sitting on liquid.

The Paddle Port Paddle Holder: This is no brainer accessory that is perfect for SUP yoga enthusiasts and sitting on your board watching that concert. It keeps your paddle secure so your hands are free to photograph the event.

The SUP Buddy Beverage Holder: This little can’t-do-without accessory not only keeps your beverage cold, it can be placed anywhere on your board that’s convenient using its advanced suction cup technology.

The SUP Super Suction Cargo Hold: Once again, instead of using permanent mounts on your paddle board, the cargo net allows you to stow your goodies within easy reach.

The HydroStar SOS Light: This is a must have for your personal floatation device and clips on to your PFD. But this light might also be invaluable in places where you share the water with boats. You do want them to see you!

Docks Locks Complete: Because you never know when you might have to use the land based facilities. This system ensure your SUP board will be there when you return.

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