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Fishing from a Paddle Board: An Old Sport with a New Promise

Stand up paddle boarding may be gaining in popularity amongst the active set; those looking to get outdoors, get a workout, and do it on water. Stand up paddle boarding may be a sport that can be done on lakes, rivers, oceans, and surf. But one of the best uses for paddle boarding might be fishing. Fishing from a paddle board requires three basic things: relatively calm water (or as SUPers refer to it, flatwater), a good paddle board (like the Pau Hana 11’ Big EZ SUP Paddle Board), and a spot that is hard to get to. Fishing from a paddle board is an old sport with new promise.

Pau Hana Big EZ SUP Paddle Board

Pau Hana Big EZ SUP Paddle Board is easily one of the most versatile boards available and great for fishing.

Are There Advantages to Fishing from a Paddle Board?
More than one outdoorsman writing about the art of angling has given the stand up paddle board a try. Some have experienced an initial trepidation at being out on the open water in what they may see as nothing more than a glorified surf board, equipped with just a paddle. They have wondered if the experience will be better than from a boat or more active than wading into the shallows. On almost every count, they have embraced the sport from the paddle board

The advantages are numerous. Unlike a boat or fishing from the shallows near the shoreline, your ability to get to where the fish are is limited only by your ability to paddle to them. Looking down from a standing position allows anglers to literally sneak up on fish much more quietly than they had previously thought they’d be capable of. Willie Howard of Willie’s Wild World wrote: “You’re more likely to spot a redfish before you scare it away from an SUP board than from a kayak or canoe.”

Do You Need any Special Gear to Fish from a Paddle Board?
Chris Naschin, Wild Side Fishing Guide from Tennessee doesn’t think so and with a board like the Pau Hana, with its more than adequate tie downs, the ability to bring your kid or pet along for the ride, and better than average stability will make the whole experience incredibly enjoyable. Some board companies offer a sort of stand up brace for their specifically designed fishing boards but it is wholly unnecessary. As Mr. Naschin, who had never been on a paddle board before he ventured out onto the Caney Fork River suggested, simply sit on your cooler.

Can You Use this Paddle Board for Other Activities?
The Pau Hana could be one of the most versatile boards around. You might not want to enter a race with it but beyond that shortcoming, it will handle all sorts of water conditions in a wide variety of locations. You can get this board wet in the ocean, use it to surf, practice your yoga poses on it, or simply spend the day paddling around the lake. It is an understatement to call this a beginner’s board. It is the board you keep and even pass down to your kids.

One thing I can say with great certainty, the first time you use it for angling will not be your last. In fact, you may always find yourself toting some fishing gear with you each time you take this board out. Thoreau once wrote: “Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing it isn’t the fish they are after.” It is the chasing of the fish, where they hide, in those far and often remote locales, standing above them on a paddle board that answers that question.

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