Yoga and the PaddleBoard

Yoga or Not: The Most Versatile SUP Board Inflates!

When it comes to versatility, convenience, and performance across a wide variety of conditions, the Stand On Liquid Inflatable 11’ SUP Board is in a category all its own. I bring this up for several reasons. Recently, someone asked what sort of paddleboard they should purchase for doing yoga and no matter how many boards I thought to recommend, I kept coming back to one that is inflatable. Here’s why.

Are yoga and paddleboarding compatible?

Combining yoga and the SUP experience is almost a foregone conclusion. You are essentially taking an activity that is often done under a roof and adding the one feature that yoga practically demands: a connection with nature. Sure, you can do it in a park but with water, the process takes on the true physical, mental and spiritual process this ancient Indian discipline intended.

What should you look for in a SUP board for yoga?

inflatable paddleboards and yoga

Yoga and the SUP

One of the main things you need to experience the best of this ascetic practice on the water is stability. You want the board to be capable of withstanding a variety of poses that doesn’t interrupt your search for the permanent peace of mind. Keep in mind, the ultimate goal of yoga is liberation and with a stable board, wide enough to allow a full fluid freedom of movement, and do it in a fluid environment, actually enhances this quest for a healthy mind and body.

Is one SUP board better than the rest?

While paddleboards come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, each specific to an equal number of liquid pursuits from touring, racing, or simply flatwater paddling, one board stands out as the best for yoga. The Stand On Liquid Inflatable 11’ SUP Board, as I mentioned earlier is an excellent travel board, a versatile family flatwater board and perfect for whitewater SUPing. But it should be noted, that this board is the perfect paddleboard for yoga.

Not only does it combine stability for poses like the Warrior or the Half Moon, but the inflatable nature of the board makes is much softer for poses like the Bow or Camel. You will find moving through a variety of poses much easier because of the width of this board and lastly, like your mat, you can fold it up and take it with you, in the car or on a plane.

Are there any additional features this board offers?

Not only is it a great yoga board, but it’s durable, double stitch construction makes it a great beginner or all around family board. And not only is this board priced right, it also comes with a three piece paddle, hand pump, patch kit and backpack.

It doesn’t matter what reason you are looking to yoga to help you with, mental attainment or physical enrichment, doing it on liquid on an inflatable paddleboard will get you there quicker, and more peacefully.

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