Customizing Your SUP Experience: A SUP Board That Reflects You

A SUP PaddleBoard to Customize

When I first found out about the Stand On Liquid Revere Limited Edition 14’ Touring SUP Board, I was skeptical. Not that it isn’t a great paddle board, it is; not that it isn’t an amazing looking paddle board, it is. But I’ve learned from past experience, good looking paddle boards, the kind that catch your eye, are not always the best indication of quality. Fancy doesn’t mean fast. Pretty doesn’t mean performance. Off the rack is well, off the rack. But this SUP Touring board is different, a lot different.

SUP displacement hull

Displacement Hull of the Stand On Liquid Revere Touring SUP Board

First off, let’s define what touring means. While not generic by any means, when it comes to paddle boards, touring indicates versatility, the ability to adapt and perform well under a wide variety of conditions. About the only thing this board can’t do is whitewater. Most flatwater experiences, ocean waves and even some racing situations all fall well within the capabilities of this board.

So let’s start with the custom features available for this board. First off, the deck can be delivered as either bamboo or mahogany, upgradeable fins (comes with a single fin but can easily be adapted to a hatchet fin), and an integrated GoPro mount. This exterior wraps around a light weight (28 lbs.) epoxy, fiberglass construction with an EPS core.

What will also catch your eye and a few heart beats is the displacement hull, designed to be incredibly aggressive and quick. It does have all the bells and whistles you might expect, cargo tie downs, self venting plugs, and a suitcase style handle.

The underside of the Stand On Liquid Revere Touring SUP

The underside of the Stand On Liquid Revere Touring SUP

What you will be surprised and even delighted with is the pad. If the board is stand on liquid, the pad is stand on air. Believe me, long distances will have you in one position for quite some time and this matted deck pad will give you hours of paddling comfort.

I mentioned displacement and for those of you new to the SUP experience, the way the board is designed gives you the ability to paddle repeatedly on one side and still go straight, or track. The white underside is there for a reason. believe it or not, the sun is possibly the worst enemy your board can have. The underside color allows your board to stay in the sun longer (although it is not recommended).

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