Paddle Board Exercises for a Better Recovery

We’ve talked a lot about the need for stretching prior to getting on your Stand On Liquid paddle board. But if you have ever spent a day on the water, you know the feeling of exhilaration and soreness that can stay with you long after you hit dry land.

So today, I thought I’d mention a couple of different train-like-a-pro exercises you can do to help recover and a couple you can do on the board. These are not required and some of you may already be fit enough to transition from dry land to the open water and back again. But for some of us, the slightest increase in muscle strength would be a noticeable improvement.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 1.34.45 PMBecause your body does engage in some strenuous turning, a simple exercise like the Russian twist gets those core muscles prepared for a day on the water. I mention this one first in part because it is probably the best pre-board core workout you can do.

Your training routine should probably incorporate squats, push-ups, lunges and in all likelihood, some cardio into your daily workout routine.  The Russian twist however can help you get your core in shape considering all of the side-to-side motions you will do on the board.

But did you know you could do many of these exercises on the board itself, adding an additional element of balance to the routine? It wasn’t that long ago, I tried some of these exercises out on Stand on Liquid’s SunBurst Touring SUP. This is an excellent all around board with lots of really good features, including some incredible stability.

I did the squats, used my paddle to do Russian twist (very carefully), lunges (and got repeatedly wet until I got the hang of doing it slowly), and push-ups. One additional suggestion that a friend recommended was planking. This exercise uses the forearms and toes to support  the entire body and is not easy on land. On a paddle board, 60 seconds seems next to impossible. It’s not of course.

Another addition to the exercise routine was suggested on known as the Teaser. Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 1.50.35 PMIf you have taken a pilates class, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Glamour magazine I’m told suggests it will give you bikini abs. What it does do, beside that ab enhancement is provide you with a good arm, leg and core exercise all wrapped into one. This will take a little practice on a board which is why you want a stable board like the Sunburst.

Each one of these exercises will help you spend less time recovering after a long day on the water and may even entice you to push yourself to participate in a race one day.

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