Going Extreme: Fishing with a Stand-up Paddleboard

Earlier this week, I discussed one of the ways you could use a paddle board for fishing. The type of angling I wrote about was more of a flat water approach to angling. Today I thought I’d introduce to you a different type of board that will add a little bit of the extreme to the experience of fishing with a stand up paddle board.

Those boat-bound fisherpeople may call it many names, including “extreme” or “man on fish” angling, but the chance to get closer to the spots you want to fish using a stand up paddleboard are too good to pass up. Of course its extreme. You are on the water, standing on liquid and getting a healthy dose of exercise on the process. They may heckle you as the hold a warm PBR but that’s just envy talking.

Boardworks SUP: fishing in the best places

Boardworks SUP: fishing in the best places

Nothing beats the kind of fishing experience a stand up paddle board can provide. And why shouldn’t getting to that favorite or as-yet-found spot be part of the fun as well?

Stand on Liquid’s Boardworks Badfish 11 foot Inflatable Paddleboard is in a class all its own when it comes to combining the access and the fun. With its inflatable portability, no trout, bass or water trophy is safe from an angler on this paddleboard.

You may think extreme applies only to shark and marlin fishing, which can be done from a paddlebaord. But if you simply want to ambush a bass in hard to access corners of a quiet lake, slide across an open bay of skinny water in pursuit of bonefish or just spend a lazy afternoon hoping to land the next recordbreaker, stand-up paddleboarding with the Boardwork’s Badfish provides this and much more.

You can put these paddleboards in the water from any point on shore you can access by foot. Because these boards are more compact than a small boat, the angler is forced to an economical approach to the sport, carrying only what they need and not a lot of extra tackle for those just-in-case moments. You can of course and their are plenty of add-ons to take a lot of gear (which we’ll discuss in later posts). But why bother? This board gives the chance to take fishing to its purest form. Just you, a stealthy approach and the fish.

This board is also easily packed into a carry-on for distance plane travel as well as simply backpacking your board to those hard to reach spots. Add to that the overall health benefits (from balancing and paddling) and the mental focus and you’ll find that a day on the water can quickly turn fishing from a passive to active pursuit.

Because boards like the Badfish are so stable and easy to use, almost everyone can enjoy the experience. It’s time to get out of the boats, ditch the kayaks and move to a more healthy way to fish the open waterways.

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