Angling for the Right Board

If you are like me, your introduction to fishing was probably casting your line into the water from the shore. This of course

YOLO Redfish 12' Board

YOLO Redfish 12′ Board

simply made you want to from a boat. you went from standing at the edge of the water to sitting on it. But if you have tried stand up paddleboarding, you have more than likely envisioned the possibilities of angling from your board. Standing on liquid on a pristine lake or a slowly meandering river gives you the opportunity to take fishing to next level. So I thought I’d write a bit about the kind of board you’ll need to get those prized fish.

Access to the best fishing is all anglers really want. This next level awaits those with enough adventure in their blood to do it standing up. While getting to where the best fish lay in wait can be achieved in numerous ways, using a YOLO 12′ Board Fisher from Stand on Liquid offers a unique opportunity for the angler. Stand up paddle boards such as the YOLO board offer incredible stability with its 35 inch width giving the angler the chance to get to where the big ones are hiding.

Julie O. of Grayton Beach, FL

Julie O. of Grayton Beach, FL

Stand-up Paddleboarding is not new. Most paddle board historians suggest that it was developed first by fishing cultures thousands of years ago. Captain Cook was reportedly the first person to see this in action. Yet combining with the ancient sport of angling with a board like the YOLO Red Fish will definitely add a new vigor to the sport.

This board is equipped with bungees for securing gear and additional add-ons such as rod holders and satchels and the all important GoPro hook-up to prove to your friends just how good you are. This particular board is ideal for both skinny water and otherwise hard-to-reach locations. Because of their unique design, the boards are stable under changing conditions and allow both beginner and experienced stand up boarders to cast with ease.

Some anglers have remarked that this type of fishing offers a minimalist opportunity to take just one rod and few lures. That’s fine but this board can accommodate a lot more gear. While some believe this eco-friendly, almost stealthy approach that stand-up paddleboarding offers can increase the focus, there is no doubt an additional health benefit from which all ages of fisherperson could benefit.

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