Five Awesome Gifts for the SUP Fan on Your List

This is an open letter to the person who drew my name from the hat this Christmas. But it can also serve as a standing wish list for anyone who knows a stand up paddle boarder for any occasion. You may not be willing to shell out for the new SUP board I’ve been wanting but these accessories will make my SUP experience that much more enjoyable.

How about some dulies. You may not know what these are but this is the perfect gift for a smaller framed stand up paddle boarder. For this person, the biggest effort is getting the board to the car and from the car to the water. The board might only weigh 30 lbs. but this must have accessory will make it so much easier. The Imagine Surf Dulie snaps into the fin section of the board and allows you to easily move the board over long distances. With its wider wheels, this dulie makes getting your board to those slightly more remote entry points, often over not-so-forgiving terrain so much easier. This is why I want it!

How about some rack pads. You may know by now that I’m not crafty. That ghetto padding I used last summer on the roof rack to get our boards to the lake was not the best set-up. Which means, hint, hint, some padded roof racks would be something I could certainly use. A stand up paddle board can endure all sorts of damage in the time it takes to get it out of the garage to launching it on the open water. I was thinking that the FCS SUP Hard Rack Pads would fit perfectly on the elliptical rack I already have and I could safely take two long boards or three short ones wherever we’re headed. Upside of these hard rack pads: I’ll drive.

How about a buddy pad. If Santa shows up with a puppy under the tree, I am going to need this. A buddy pad like the Tahoe SUP Buddy Pad lets you take your dog with you on your SUP adventure. This particular pad is constructed like a wetsuit and attaches to any paddle board – I already know it’ll fit mine. And if for some reason the puppy isn’t under the tree, I’ll turn to my wife and with puppy-dog eyes suggest, “I got a buddy pad. It’s a sign!” And she’ll cave but with a caveat. “As long as you don’t name it Peeve.”

How about a duffel bag. I’ve got a lot invested in my stand up paddle board and as I mentioned before, the real damage my board is likely to encounter is not in the water. The Uli Duffel bag would be perfect. How perfect? This bag will fit not only the board but my paddle, a pump and some extra stuff that my wish list has on it that I don’t have yet. Having this duffel bag with its heavy duty construction and metal cam buckles packs all of the stuff I have and hope to get.

How about a hatchet fin. I’m hoping that whomever draws my name will be forward thinking and already know about the trip to Hawaii I have planned for my wife’s birthday They’ll know how we’ll do some ocean stand up paddle boarding. And if that secret Santa wants to put a smile on my face, it’ll be sure to happen with the 9” FCS Hatchet Fin. It could improve the fun we’ll have on those rental boards with their old school rolled mals with their soft tails. The solid base and flex tip the hatchet fin has is designed for performance. Bottom line: this is an awesome accessory.

So to the person who drew my name: “How often do you get a list of practical gifts that are also fun?”

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