Stand on Liquid…Adventure of SUP transportation


After struggling to transport my Revere 5 blocks from my home on NW Broadway to the dock at Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe, I invented a transport aid. Out of what was previously a dog leash, and prior to that, an anchor for a slack line, I had a sling. I clipped a few draws to the sling, knotted the eyelets on my board and boom! Hauling strap. This completely transformed the difficulty level in transporting the board from “ridiculously difficult” to “totally do-able”. As a side note here, to protect my ego, I’ll just say the transportation issue was not purely strength based, it was just about distributing the weight differently.

In any event, the collinsling is awesome and manufacturing on them will start immediately. Contact me for details if you want to purchase one :)


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