Stand on Liquid…The Adventure Continues

Hauling the Revere

As I explained in the previous post, not having a car to transport my shinny new paddle board didn’t seem like it would be an issue what so ever. I’ll just say, it isn’t uncommon for me to think transporting large items without a car is a big deal, and then it ends up a big deal. I figured I could just carry the board to the river, holding the central handle, and switching sides often. The good news is I got the board down to the river, the humorous news is that I looked so ridiculous that several kind strangers stopped to help me.

I put in just north of the Colorado Street bridge. The combination of the Deschutes running high and getting a slightly narrower board for speed made me really nervous to stand up. Once I finally got the courage to stand, I grabbed the paddle, straightened my legs and realized it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I went up and down stream a few times navigating the bridges like an obstacle coarse and bumping my extensively long paddle handle numerous times on the bottom of the beams.

When I had finished my first paddle adventure on the Deschutes, fearing the walk back with the heavy board, I shamelessly asked two gentlemen in a Bend Parks and Rec truck for a ride. After they denied me, I resolved to find a better system for transport… more soon.

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