Santa, don’t forget about SUP…

While some are strapping into skis and snowboards, I’m still thinking about gliding through the water, sunshine shinning with my favorite furry companion posted up on the front of the board. I’ve been good this year Santa, I have! And all I want for Christmas is SUP stuff.

With the holiday season around the corner, it is a great time to think about that Stand up Paddle lover in your life and their SUP needs. I’m sending Santa straight to to pick up a few key items on my wish list.

The first thing on my list is a Board Bag. Stand on Liquid carries several manufacturer bags like Riviera, FCS, and Tahoe Sup. But the one I have my eye on is the orange and silver bag from Stand on Liquid starting at $159. The bag is a good way to keep my board protected while in transit or storage.


Stand up Paddle Boards have been classified by the US Coast Guard as a vessel, which means I need to have a PFD (personal floatation device) on me or on my board. Check these out…I LOVE the belt packs. Great for SUP’ing as you wear it around your waist instead of the traditional “vest” style. Stand on Liquid has two brands in stock, MTI and Quicksilver starting around $99.

Now some of you might not think good paddle is very important, but you’re WRONG. Make sure to check out brands like Quickblade, Kialoa, Riviera, and Stand on Liquid.





My stand up paddle board is still in great shape, but Stand on Liquid will be coming out with their own line of boards. Here’s a sneak peak and I LOVE ‘em …It might be time for an upgrade…Thanks Santa Baby!!!


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