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I do the majority of my shopping on-line. While convenient, I often find myself having questions about size, fit, etc. Many websites offer a way for you to email a question, but who knows how long it’s going to take for someone to get back to you. Several sites offer a “live chat” feature which allows the consumer (like Miss Questions over here) to get instant access to a LIVE person.

Stand on Liquid has just added this cool feature to their awesome stand up paddle board website. When I was purchasing my first Paddle Board I had a TON of questions. Is an 11’6 or 12’6 is the right size board for me? Will my board be suitable for both my husband and I? Will I be disappointed after a few times out on the water? Can I grow into this board? What about a paddle…and a board bag? So many questions…

For me, live chat fosters my own buying confidence. If I see a live chat button on a site, I feel reassured that I will have easy access to a live person, even after the sale had been made.

With this addition to www.StandonLiquid.com I HAVE purchasing confidence. The team at Stand on Liquid is ready to answer your LIVE questions today. Just click the “Live Chat” link at the top right corner of their web page to get your questions answered live today.


  1. I am 5 ft 3 and was wondering what length and brand of paddleboard to get for a beginner?

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