Cheap Paddleboards

Love SUP but don’t think you can justify spending $1,000.00+ on a board? You don’t have to. Stand on Liquid  offers a wide variety of cheap paddleboards to meet your needs. While they also offer high end boards, they strive to make the sport of SUP affordable for everyone, including boards as low as $449.

SUP appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds as it is a relatively easy sport to learn. And unlike golf (expensive games) or skiing (lift tickets), there are no additional costs associated with SUP after your initial investment. You don’t need the best board on the market to enjoy SUP, just the will to have a good time.

Here are a few low cost options (all under $800) to get you started on your cheap paddleboard search:

Emotion Lifetime Paddleboards:

For those in need of a durable board in a high use recreation area like a camp or marina, look no further than Emotion Lifetime Paddleboards. Designed with durability in mind, the molded plastic is similar to a plastic canoe or kayak and will be able to withstand the abuse of everyday use around rocks or docks. Boards include a paddle and prices range from $449.00-$549.00.

Pau Hana Malibu:

The Malibu SUP Soft Top is the perfect SUP for first time riders looking for a complete package with all the necessary components included (Package includes Board, Adjustable Aluminum Paddle and Leash) all for $695.00. Based on the shape of the beloved Big EZ, the Malibu adds a padded surface and supple plastic bottom that is resistant to blunt impacts from paddles, rocks and sticks. Because of its durability, it can be dropped and abused longer than an average SUP and still provide reliable use.

Liquid Shredder:

Liquid Shredder boards are a perfect option for the price conscious shopper. It’s not a foam top, it’s not a fiberglass top…it’s a soft-core hybrid! Easy to paddle in flat water, yet shreds in the surf. It’s the best of both worlds, and with boards starting at $659.00, your wallet will agree.


A solidly constructed fiberglass board that is perfect for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Priced at $799.00, the HulaKai is one of the most affordable fiberglass boards on the market. The HulaKai comes in both an 11’ and 12’ option. It’s a great all-around cruiser board for anyone interested in buying a SUP without breaking the bank.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a board and get in the water!

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