Youth SUP Racing

What’s your little Grom doing this summer?  How about the 2012 Youth SUP race circuit?  Stand Up Paddling for kids is a great way to get them on the water and experience competitive racing in a fun, casual and supportive environment.

Last summer, my daughters participated in their first race. The 2011 Tahoe Nalu Event in Lake Tahoe, California.   Lake Tahoe is about a seven hour drive from home in Bend, Oregon. They can’t wait to go back again in 2012!

Their results are listed below.  My oldest came in second in her age group with a time of 9:29. (The results accidently listed her time in the boys division). My 10 year old Ily, came in sixth with a time of 9:59. Click here for full race results

I was impressed with the event and the general attitude and support of SUP pro’s including Candice Appleby and Danny Ching.  Both were on their boards cheering the kids on and keeping them on course, they were available afterwards for photos and encouragement. If your looking to get your child involved in SUP do it now!  The youth pool, although getting more competitive, is still quite small. Your child will gain confidence and competitive experience, plus have an insane amount of fun! Check out for the most complete list of races and find one near you!  Need gear?  Make sure you check out our website at or come see our shop in Bend, Oregon.

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