The Year of the 14 Footer?

If there is a trend we at Stand on Liquid have noticed it’s that a 14’ board could be the perfect fit for many body types. The extra glide and stability that generally comes from a 14’ stand up paddle board is very noticeable over a 11, 12 or even 12’6” board. Manufacturers such as YOLO BoardTahoe SUP and Lakeshore Paddleboard Company (LPC) have done a great job of providing similar graphics on both the 12’6 and 14’ models. For a beginner you may want to consider your first purchase your last. You will never regret betting the largest board your budget and garage can hold. Often times, after a season of use, we have heard “I wish I went with a bigger board” when people are talking about their buying experience. The 2012 lineup of 14’ boards from all our brands are going to blow some minds. Tahoe SUP has reinforced the Bliss and Zephyr line up to be more durable and lighter. Lakeshore Paddle Company has added several colors to the hit Betty Board while the 14’ Stealth Racing Board is going to crush the paddle circuit. Lastly YOLO with the move to the west coast is going to blow up the market with the 14’ Prowler Bomber Board. This board looks like an old school fighter plane with some serious attitude. With so many options on the market this year first consider a recognizable brand and second really consider a 14’ touring or race board. You won’t regret it!

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